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Lapa, Canvas & Swimming Pool Installation

Lapa, Canvas & Swimming Pool Installation

Specialised Pool and Lapa Service Company

PLC King Pools specialises in the repair/ installation of swimming pools, canvas and lapa’s. We are also able to assist in all areas of outdoor entertainment area maintenance, including leak detection and pool pump repair. Your home is your personal investment and we will assist you in increasing the value of your property. You can entrust your home in our specialised hands. We will design and refurbish your outdoor entertainment to suit your specific requirements and aesthetic vision.

We provide installation and repair services for:

pool installation

  • Paving Pools
  • Rock Pools
  • Marbelite Pools
  • Fiber Glass Pools
  • Thatch roofs/ Lapa’s of any design or shape
  • Canvas curtains that may enclose lapa’s & patios.
  • Floors
  • Rock art on your outdoor walls and pools
  • Water features
  • Koi Ponds & Fish Ponds
  • Entertainment areas including your braai area

We also offer:

  • Pool Pump Repairs
  • Pool Acid Washes